Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Documentum Cluster Configuration

Hi Folks,

Currently I am working on an assignment which requires high availability. Hence we have decided to check for the high availability configurations as mentioned below.

High Availability Configurations:

1. Active/Active Cluster
2. Active/Passive Cluster

I have checked with some of my friends who are woking in Documentum projects and received the step by step procedure for configuring Active/Passive cluster configuration.

I am looking for Active/Active configuration of the Documentum server with following configuration.

Configuration  Server(OS)

Active/Active Content Servers(Linux)
Active/Active Application Servers(Windows)
Active/Active Database Servers(Linux)

We need to have the Content and DB servers in Linux environment and Application servers to be in Windows environment.
I need the steps for configuring the servers with Active/Active cluster mode.
If anyone have any idea about Active/Active configuration, Please share across.
Also if there is any document or manual stating the Active/Active cluster configurations, please share across.
I will get back with more updates in this topic.
Thanks & Regards,
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