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E20-120 Exam Description

E20-120 Content Management Foundations Exam Description

Exam Number: E20-120
Duration: 90 minutes (60 questions)
Available Languages: English

The Content Management Foundations Exam is a qualifying exam for the Content Management specialist tracks. The Content Management Foundations Exam (E20-120) focuses on the basic operations of the Documentum Content Server platform.

Exam Topics

Products likely to be referred to on the exam include:

• Webtop
• Microsoft Office Integrations
• Documentum Administrator
• Documentum Application Builder
• Documentum Composer

Topics likely to be present on this exam include:

Content Management

• Characteristics and features of an EMC Documentum enterprise content management system.
• Methods to introduce new content into the repository.
• Library management features and their respective benefits for working with content in a repository.
• Manipulating repository content using Webtop.
• Webtop search features and their benefits.
• Performing simple and advanced searches.
• Basic features and benefits of virtual documents.
• Creating a virtual document or adding components to an existing virtual document using Webtop.
• Basic features and benefits of Presets.
• Features and benefits of relationships.

Users and Groups

• User and privilege options.
• Purpose of groups and roles and how they are used within the system.

Object Security

• Object security features.

Workflow and Lifecycle Management

• Benefits of using workflow and how to implement a workflow in the system.
• Creating a workflow template using Workflow Manager.
• Describe the role of document lifecycles.


• DQL and its benefits.
• Purpose and benefits of using a Documentum Project.
• Benefits of using aliases and how aliases are implemented in the system.
• Constructing a basic DQL statement.


• Identifying the set of EMC Content Management products that could be used to implement a solution.
• EMC Documentum platform architecture.
• How object types are implemented in the system.

Exam Description :

Please refer the pdf document for more details.

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