Monday, February 20, 2012

Going to be a Documentum Certified Professional in 100 days

Hi Friends,

It has been a while I have been writing articles in Documentum. As time progresses, I got struck up with lot of commitments in both personal as well as in professional life.

Anyways it wont stop me in learning new things and updates in Documentum.

Currently I am working with Documentum 6.7 and its a challenging project indeed.

I have 5.5 years of total as well as relevant experience as from starting of my carrier on-wards, I am working in Documentum.

But I am not yet certified professional in Documentum.

I am going to experiment some of the major challenges in the fore-coming days.

I need your support and guidance in learning the new stuff and updates in Documentum 6.7.

I am planning to take Documentum certification (E20-120) in 100 days.

I am going to start preparing for the certification from today.

If anybody would like to join me in preparing for the Documentum Certification, you are most welcome.

I will surely become Documentum certified professional in 100 days.

Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks & Regards,


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  1. Hi Karthik,

    Your blog is great. I hope you are from Tamil Nadu. I m also a Tamilan. I m now planning to get certified. Have you got the certification? Please help me in this. I m have 1 year of experience in Documentum. Mainly FirstDoc, an extension of Webtop.